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Testimonials: Testimonials

I liked the name and pondered on having them come out for a tree. After setting up an estimate to have the tree looked at they responded in a timely fashion and with a price I could not refuse. The whole tree cutting and grinding process happened in one day today in fact! Called on Wed to say what I needed done, they responded by Thursday with a price, Friday no more tree! It was a smooth process from start to finish. The guys were chill and still very professional. One of my neighbors is a pain and I gave them heads up before they started cutting. My other neighbor came home while they were mulching the tree and they simply stopped and moved the truck so he could get in his driveway and went back to work. Man Vs Tree was just what I needed to get this job done.

Basha T.

They responded very quickly to our request for service and did an excellent job removing a large tree limb from our neighbors garage roof without causing any damage to the structure. They also identified some other problematic trees in our yard and took care of them. It was done quickly and professionally. They are good at what they do and they are exceptionally easy to work with.

Debbie G.

They provided excellent services to a family that we helped. The Owner and his crew came to cut overgrown trees and large bushes around our friend's house. They did great job and removed all excess of tree parts. The Owner is very kind, trustworthy, professional, and will work with any client to get the work done. I will recommend them to anyone that I know. Thanks again for serving our community so well.

Kurnia F.

I hired Man vs Tree on two separate occasions. I was so pleased with their work the first time, I didn't hesitate to hire them again. Man vs Tree were very professional. The best thing I can say is how quickly they came over and placed a high quality tarp on my roof after a tree fell on it as a result of a storm, thereby preventing further damage to the inside of my home until the roofers were able to perform their repairs. They were there within a couple of hours after the storm ended! Also, a year before the storm, I asked Man vs Tree to evaluate the health of my trees and to determine whether any needed to be removed. When Matt came over to evaluate my trees, he was very knowledgeable. When the trees were removed, Matt and his crew were very professional and operated in a safe manner. When the jobs were finished, they left my property clean and free of debris. I recommended Man vs Tree to my neighbors and friends and will continue to do so.

Margo D.

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