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Examples of My Work


Tree removal: This large Hackberry uprooted in a storm. We used our turf-friendly articulating loader to remove it with minimal soil compaction and yard damage.


Tree pruning: This house was left empty and neglected for some time.  We were hired to prune the large tree in front and remove shrubbery.


We reclaimed the front yard of this home.  Encroaching branches were removed as well as several small trees.


Crane-assisted tree removal: Using our 75' elevator bucket truck we can access the most challenging situations.  This Pine was removed to prevent vehicle damage from potential falling limbs, pine cones, and sap.


This Cypress was a great tree, but in the wrong location.  It was removed after high winds caused limb failure, resulting in roof damage.


Emergency services: Although the shed was a loss, the fallen tree had to be removed to allow for safe clean up.  This was one of 30+ trees that fell on this property after Hurricane Sandy.

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