We Love Trees...


We love trees and we hope you do too, that’s why we like to encourage all our customers to replace their removed trees with a more appropriate fit.

We would be more than happy to suggest a few of our favorites.


Pruning is more than removing dead and hazardous limbs, it also improves the health and beauty of your trees. Identifying and eliminating dead, damaged, or diseased wood is crucial in maintaining long term tree health.

Not only this, but it can improve the health of your yard through elevation of the tree crown and increasing light penetration. We pride ourselves in using proper pruning techniques because improper pruning can cause irreversible damage to your trees. Man Versus Tree NEVER uses spikes for pruning a tree!


Although we love trees, we realize sometimes they are unsafe, unsightly, damaged, diseased, dying, or just in the wrong place.

We are experts at removing trees in a safe and controlled manner utilizing the most advanced methods available.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is offered as an additional service for all tree removals. This service entails grinding the stump and piling the grindings into the resultant hole.

Other Services

• Cabling & Bracing

• Lightning Protection

• Emergency Services

• Lot Clearing